Friday, March 21, 2014

Olivia Palermo At Valentino's Haute Couture Show

   So, today's post is all about this absolutely stunning outfit that the one and only, Olivia Palermo, wore at Valentino's Haute Couture show, back in July.
   That black strapless dress is just such a statement piece that only a few could actually pull off. But, Olivia definitely created the perfect combination by pairing it with just a simple buttoned up shirt, in a white colour. (sometimes less is more, right?) The gold jewellery added a luxurious vibe to this chic and sophisticated outfit, while the black pumps completed it in such a classy way!
   This look might not be everyone's cup of tea, but i absolutely loved it since it's really unique, plus, it just looks so fabulous!


What do YOU think about this outfit? YAY or Nay?
Konstantina B.
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