Monday, May 26, 2014

What To Wear With A Denim Dress

   Since everything that is denim is considered as a wardrobe staple, such as a denim shirt/jacket/skirt/vest etc, then so is a denim dress, right? Denim dresses look really girly and fashionable, and they could be worn in so many different ways, since you can totally dress them up or dress them down.
   Personally, i find that brown is the colour that flatters the most, every single denim piece. So this is why i believe that the best way to wear a denim dress, is by pairing it with a pair of brown shoes, a brown handbag and some brown accessories. But, if you feel like this is too much brown in one outfit, then just wear brown with beige or brown with red. The result will look so chic and modern. Trust me!
   Also, if you need some other ideas on how you can style a denim dress, then just get inspired from the following pictures.

How would you style a denim dress? Tell me in the comments!
Konstantina B.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fashion Quotes By Coco Chanel

   Even though it's been 43 years from the day that she passed away, Coco Chanel still remains one of the greatest fashion designers, and one of the most influential and inspiring women in the fashion industry. People still talk about her, admire her and take style lessons from her. 
   And of course i am also a big admirer of her, mainly because she achieved what is considered as unachievable in the fashion industry. She actually created some pieces that are now considered as classics and that women wore, wear and will definitely wear in the future. And even though something like that is really hard (or even impossible) to happen, somehow she actually did it! Awesome, right?
   So, along with that she also has said some amazing fashion/style quotes that i wanted  to share with all of you through this post.
   So without ado, here are my top 10 fashion quotes by Coco Chanel.

Exactly! Coco Chanel will always be an amazing style icon!

That's right! Be good, feel good, look good. #embraceyournaturalbeauty

 "Always classy, never trashy"! #KeepItClassyLadies #AndFabulousToo

Oh, yea! Wanna be different and irreplaceable? Just be yourself! 

Take good care of yourself! Feel and look amazing 24/7!
This is such an awesome quote! Please ladies, say no to very tight and ridiculously uncomfortable clothes!

Do i need to say more? #nocommentsneeded

Absolutely! Dress well every single day! 

Black and white really have it all! #heckyea 

Of course! #FashionIsEverywhere

What was YOUR favorite quote? Tell me in the comments!
Konstantina B.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

White Houses Inspiration

   I have never actually mentioned it on the blog before, but except from my love for everything that is fashion or beauty related, i also LOVE searching the web for interior design inspiration, and more specifically white houses inspiration.
   I really can not explain my absolute obsession for white houses, but the thing is that they are just so cool and different from all the regular ones, aren't they? I mean, they all look so dreamy and unique, just like the ones from the IKEA catalogues! #GoshiloveIKEAsomuch
   And yea, i know that these kind of houses really need a lot of cleaning (like A LOT), but they totally worth it, right?
   So, my dream house (or actually my future house) will be something like this: white walls, white furnitures, white rooms, a white kitchen, a white bathroom (with some blue details), and -of course- a walk-in closet! #daaah
   But enough with the rambling my sweet readers! Just enjoy all of the gorgeous pictures...


So, what does YOUR dream house look like?
Konstantina B.
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Friday, May 9, 2014

How To Accessorize Popular Necklines

   If you ever find your yourself wondering which necklace will look the best with your top, then wonder no more dear, cause i am here to help!
   See, the truth is that not every single necklace will look good with each kind of top. So, if you like paying attention even at the smallest details -like me-, then i highly recommend you to take a good look at the following picture, and just master the "neckline-necklace" game, in no time! #yayforyougirl
   Of course, you need to keep in mind that you are totally not obligated to wear one specific necklace with one specific top, since a top can totally look cute with plenty of necklaces.
   So, with that being said, i suggest you having the following picture at the back of your mind every time you are getting ready, but again, try not to take it too seriously.
   I mean, style and fashion are supposed to be fun, right?
(This picture was randomly found on Facebook!)

What are YOUR thoughts on the neckline-cheat-sheet?
Konstantina B.
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Monday, May 5, 2014

What To Wear With A Pink Blazer

   It is definitely considered a wardrobe staple, and it is probably one of the coolest pieces that a girl should own. A blazer in a fun colour like pink is modern, eye-catchy and just really-really girly! And since i am a huge fan of blazers, plus, hot pink happens to be my absolute favorite colour, i have to say that a pink blazer just has to be my favorite piece of clothing! #addictedtopinkblazers
   Pink looks absolutely great with colours like grey, yellow, brown, black and white etc, so feel free to pair your pink blazer with those colours, in order to achieve a chic and modern look.
   Lastly, if you need some inspiration on how you can style a pink blazer, then just take a look at the following pictures.
   Enjoy, lovelies!

How would YOU style a pink blazer? Let me know in the comments!

Konstantina B.
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