Hello everyone and welcome to my fashion blog! :) My name is Konstantina, i'm 20 years old and i live in beautiful Greece.

     I am definitely that kind of person that LOVES fashion because i get to be creative and to challenge myself to mix and match diffrent prints, colours and fabrics! But the truth is that fashion isn't only about the trends and the designers and the models... Fashion is what Coco Chanel once said:  "Fashion is in the sky,in the street,fashion has to do with ideas,the way we live,what is happening."

    And i know that caring about the way you dress really is an amazing and really important thing, but what is even MORE important is to take care of your inner world and to just try to be a good person and of course smile as much as you can! Smile, because that way you make yourself and the people around you happy. So, this is basically the reason why my blog's name is "Just Smile With Style"! ;)

    But, enough with the chitchat...I just hope you 'll all like my blog and enjoy reading my posts!

                                              Let's get this stylish journey started... <3



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