Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Olivia Palermo Spotted In Greece

   If someone would ask me who i consider as the most stylish woman in the entire world, i would immediately say two words: "Olivia Palermo". That woman, who is also known as "the queen of street style", is definitely the most well-dressed celebrity on this planet, since she knows better that anyone else how to mix and match different prints, colours and fabrics, she always looks chic and polished , and -of course- she has her own unique style!
   I really-really admire her and you 'll definitely read more posts about her in the future, but for now i decided to share with you some of my favorite outfits that Olivia wore, while she was spending her summer vacation at this beautiful country of mine, Greece!

   1) The LWD
   I've said this before, and i 'll say it again: a little white dress  is an absolute essential for the summer time, since it will get you out of the i-have-nothing-to-wear situation and put you into the let's-explore-the-island mood! Super easy, super chic!


   2)The Striped Shorts
       Stripes and neon colours and super trendy right now, so why not pair them together...? Don't forget to add a statement necklace and a pair of black oversized sunglasses in order to add that extra "something" to your look!

   3)The Neon Blouse-Dress
   Wearing an oversized blouse-dress in a fun, bright colour, will make you feel comfortable, plus, it will  bring out the colour of your tanned skin!

Konstantina B.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Inspirational Pictures

   I've never really done an "Inspirational Pictures" post before, so -drum roll- here is one! These are just      some pictures that i bumped into recently and i really liked them, so felt like sharing them with you guys!
   I hope you liked them and get inspired from them...!






*All pictures are from google.com and tumblr.com.

P.s. I finally turned 18 today...! YAY...! ;)

Monday, August 19, 2013

How To Style: Red Denim Pants

   As you can probably already tell from the title, in this post i decided to write about five (5) different ways that you can style red denim pants, since red is my 2nd favorite colour in the world (with hot pink being the 1st one...), plus, colour jeans are definitely a wardrobe must-have!
   So, let's begin...
   1) In order to achieve this look, you just need some basic pieces: a white top, a black blazer and a pair of black shoes. So easy, so elegant...!

   2) Combine red with gray, while keeping the rest of the outfit simple and neutral (black top, black shoes, black handbag), and get a casual, yet chic result!

   3) You can never really go wrong when you wear two basic pieces together, since a denim shirt and a pair of colour jeans will create a safe and simple outfit, but if you wanna look unique and different, i suggest wearing a pair of not-so-ordinary shoes, like the gold oxfords that Andy Torres is wearing in the picture!

   4) When you wear red with brown, the result is a sophisticated, elegant and chic look! Go ahead and give it a try...

   5) If you feel like you can't really rock a total black outfit -like me- then try wearing red bottoms instead, for an edgy, yet girly result!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post...! ;)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Statement Jewellery

   When it comes to making an outfit look complete and stylish enough, i strongly believe that jewellery can play a huge role, since if they are small and simple they can really add an extra "something" to your outfit, or if they are big and colourful they can dress up even the most casual and everyday look!
   So, if you wanna glam up your go-to-looks, then statement jewellery will definitely do the job for you. Whether they are necklaces/earrings/bracelets or rings, once you wear them, your outfit will instantly look unique and glamorous!
   Almost every fashionista loves this type of jewellery,-including myself-, but what about you...? Do you enjoy wearing big, chunky, statement jewellery or you are mostly attracted by the small and plain ones...?

*All photos from google.com.

Konstantina B.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Total White Looks

   It is no lie that summer is all about bright and fun colours, neons, pastels and of course white! White is always super trendy during the summer time, since it's bright and fun! It looks great with a lots of colours, but i believe that the best way to compliment it, is by pairing it with even more white! So, as most of you might already know, the "White on White" trend has been extremely popular during the spring and summer of '12, but a "Total White Outfit" can be considered as an all-time-classy one!
   If you feel like you can't rock a total white outfit, then i suggest you adding some colouful details to it. You can hold a blue clutch, wear a mint necklace or just complete you total white look with a pair of black ankle strap heels!
   Some fashionistas from all over the world have already wore a total white outfit. Wanna see the results...? Just take a look at the pictures down below...!



*All pictures from google.com.

I really hope you enjoyd reading this post...! <3

Friday, August 2, 2013

The "Ankle Strap Heels" Trend

   Since i'm only 17 years old, i don't really wear heels on an everyday basis, but that definitely does not make my love for them any less. Actually, if i had to choose my favorite type of summer heels the ankle strap heels would probably be on the top of my list, since they flatter your legs,they are super feminine and, of course, they are really trendy right now!
   Also, they can make any casual outfit look sophisticated, or a dressy one look classy! Whatever you wear them with, one thing is for sure, your outfit will make a statement!
   After doing an online research, here are the ones i liked the most:

Here's where you can get them: 12345 and 6.

    If you want some ideas on how you can style your pair of ankle strap heels, get inspired from two of my favorite fashion bloggers ( from Style Scrapbook and Sincerely Jules).

Have a nice month everyone...! <3

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