Friday, August 2, 2013

The "Ankle Strap Heels" Trend

   Since i'm only 17 years old, i don't really wear heels on an everyday basis, but that definitely does not make my love for them any less. Actually, if i had to choose my favorite type of summer heels the ankle strap heels would probably be on the top of my list, since they flatter your legs,they are super feminine and, of course, they are really trendy right now!
   Also, they can make any casual outfit look sophisticated, or a dressy one look classy! Whatever you wear them with, one thing is for sure, your outfit will make a statement!
   After doing an online research, here are the ones i liked the most:

Here's where you can get them: 12345 and 6.

    If you want some ideas on how you can style your pair of ankle strap heels, get inspired from two of my favorite fashion bloggers ( from Style Scrapbook and Sincerely Jules).

Have a nice month everyone...! <3

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