Monday, August 19, 2013

How To Style: Red Denim Pants

   As you can probably already tell from the title, in this post i decided to write about five (5) different ways that you can style red denim pants, since red is my 2nd favorite colour in the world (with hot pink being the 1st one...), plus, colour jeans are definitely a wardrobe must-have!
   So, let's begin...
   1) In order to achieve this look, you just need some basic pieces: a white top, a black blazer and a pair of black shoes. So easy, so elegant...!

   2) Combine red with gray, while keeping the rest of the outfit simple and neutral (black top, black shoes, black handbag), and get a casual, yet chic result!

   3) You can never really go wrong when you wear two basic pieces together, since a denim shirt and a pair of colour jeans will create a safe and simple outfit, but if you wanna look unique and different, i suggest wearing a pair of not-so-ordinary shoes, like the gold oxfords that Andy Torres is wearing in the picture!

   4) When you wear red with brown, the result is a sophisticated, elegant and chic look! Go ahead and give it a try...

   5) If you feel like you can't really rock a total black outfit -like me- then try wearing red bottoms instead, for an edgy, yet girly result!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post...! ;)

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