Monday, February 24, 2014

What To Wear With A Baby Blue Coat

   A couple of weeks ago, i actually purchased a baby blue coat from a vintage store and i have to admit that i've been wearing it non-stop ever since! See, baby blue or pale blue as some people like to call it, is such an awesome colour, right? It looks amazing with grey, black and white, yellow, and silver too!
   Also, you should totally try pairing it with bright or navy blue, the result is absolutely gorgeous! And believe me, i know what you are probably thinking right now... "Blue with blue?! I don't think so..." Well, that's exactly what i thought in the first place, but now that i've actually tried this colour combo, i can guarantee you that the result looks so chic and modern. So go ahead and try it, too!
   Lastly, here are some great ways that you can style YOUR baby blue/pale blue coat!
   Get inspired, ladies...

That's all for today's post! Till the next one, take care everybody!
Konstantina B.
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Ebay Haul

   So, i recently ordered some stuff from ebay and now that they have finally all arrived, i wanted to share them with all of you through this quick post!

1)The Beanies
   I haven't actually wore these beanies yet, but i am sure i will be wearing them a lot during the next winter!

2) The Tote
   I have literally been wearing this black tote every-single-day, since you can pretty much wear it with everything, plus, i can throw all my essentials in it, and i am ready for the day!

3) The Lion Necklace
   It's gold and it's chained, what else could i possibly ask for...?

4) The Choker Necklace
   I will be wearing this necklace A LOT this summer, that's for sure! I can totally picture myself wearing it with a plain white top, like this one!

5) The Gold Bracelet
   Yes, i am addicted to gold jewellery and no, i couldn't resist to it!

6) The Earcuff
   Is that a statement piece, or what...?! Oh, i just can't wait to wear it to my next night out!

    But, what about you? Do you like shopping from ebay? Have you bought anything recently? Let me know in the comments, down below!
                                                           Konstantina B.
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Veiled Beanies

   I am pretty sure that everyone has a love or hate relationship with veiled beanies, but as for me i can't really decide wether i like them or not... -Weird, huh?- I mean, the veil adds a femme fatale-ish vibe to the whole piece, but the beanie itself is a really plain and casual item, right? 
   So, i wouldn't really wear one during my everyday life, since i would probably feel awkward and uncomfortable. But, on the other side, i can totally imagine myself wearing on during fashion week or something similar! 

                                                         Style Scrapbook

   So, what about you? Would you ever wear a veiled beanie? Let me know in the comment section down below! 
                                                      Konstantina B.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Outfit Ideas For New York Fashion Week

   Today is the 6th day of NYFW, and i have to admit that i feel so jealous of all the lucky ladies that have the opportunity to attend it. So, i thought it would be such a great idea to just share with all of you some of the outfits that i would definitely wear during NYFW, or just any fashion week!
   Let us begin, shall we...?
   P.S. All of the pictures come from my Polyvore account, so feel free to follow me over there!

1)Casual Chic
   This look might seem too casual for fashion week, but i would definitely wear it! Also, some people claim that you can only colour block in the summer time, but this outfit proves quite the opposite, doesn't it? At last, are the black and white oxfords looking gorgeous when paired with this Chloé handbag, or what? (!)

2)Mix And Match
   Fashion week's street style is all about mixing different prints, right? So this look is all about mixing and matching houndstooth with python snake print, while keeping the rest of the outfit simple and neutral with a white 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, a pair of black pants by Balmain, and lastly, a pair of stunning Givenchy booties.

3)The Floral Suit
   No-one can really say no to a floral printed suit by Marni, right? Well, me neither, cause i would totally wear it! I would actually pair it with some black and white pieces, just in order to prevent the outfit for screaming "too much" from miles away... It's all about balance, ladies!

4)Leather Accents
   This is probably my favorite outfit out of all of them, beacause it looks so chic and sophisticated, but at the same time so simple and effortless! Also, the leather pieces (pants and shoes) really make this look stand out, don't they?

5) Hopeless Romantic
   Lastly, this outfit is for all the girly girls out there (including myself) and could only be worn with 20+ degrees outside, unless of you course you wanna catch a cold or something... (!) So, the main piece of this look is this gorgeous lace dress by Valentino, that i would pair with a pair of silver ankle strap heels and this grey-ish clutch from Rebecca Minkoff! Super pretty, huh?

So, these were 5 different outfits that i would love to wear during NYFW or just any fashion week! Are YOU attending any fashion week these days? I f yes, what will you be wearing, and if not, what would your imaginary outfits be? Let me know in the comments section, down below!
Konstantina B.
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

A/W 2013-14 TRENDS

   New York fashion week started today, and i am totally looking forward to seeing and learning all about the a/w 14-15 trends! In the meanwhile, take a look at all of the hottest trends of THIS season. Enjoy!

  Celine, Marc by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Emilia Wickstead

Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin

    Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent

Versace, Saint Laurent 

Emilio Pucci, Chanel, Balmain

Emilio Pucci, Donna Karan, Chanel

Balmain, Carven, Lanvin

Proenza Schouler, Carven, Michael Kors

Calvin Klein, Chloé, Céline

Chloé, Céline, Chanel

Aquilano Rimondi, Bottega Veneta, Prada

 Philosophy by Natalie Ratabesi, Jonathan Saunders, Calvin Klein

Emilio Pucci, Ralph Lauren, Emilio Pucci

Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren

Do you like them or not? Doy you have a favorite one? Did i miss/forgot anything? Let me know in the comments, down below!
Konstantina B.
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

January's Street Style

   So, January is officially over and oh my (!), where the heck did this month go...? I guess time flys away really fast, huh...?
   Well, let's welcome this brand new month with some gorgeous street-style outifts. I hope you like them and get inspired from them.

Happy February Everybody!
Konstantina B.
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