Thursday, September 26, 2013

A/W 2013-14 Trend: Plaid

   So, today's post is all about the "plaid" trend, that so many fashionistas from all over the world have already tried with some stunning results! Plaid patterns were all over the runway shows, especially on shirts, but also on coats, dresses, and skirts as well!
   Adopting this trend is really easy, since all you basically need is a simple plaid shirt (which is considered as a closet essential), a pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans, your favorite pair of flat ankle booties, a black leather jacket, plus, an oversized handbag, that will complete perfectly this casual, yet chic and egdy, outfit!
   Wanna see how the models rocked the "plaid" trend at the runway shows...? Then, take a look at the following pictures!

                                Celine, Marc by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Emilia Wickstead

Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin

   Also, if you need some inspiration on how you can adopt this trend, then check out some outfits from my favorite fashion bloggers!


Take care everyone!
Konstantina B.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspirational Pictures (2)

   Since i really like searching the net in order to find style/fashion related pictures that will inspire me, i decided that i am gonna write an "inspirational pictures" post every month, so that we can get inspired all together! 
   So, shall we begin...?

   1) Who said that you can only wear your favorite pair of denim shorts during the summer time...? Get inspired from the always-stylish-looking Alexa Chung, and pair them with black tights, add a fun printed shirt, throw your ankle booties into the equation, and you are ready to go!

   2) I am totally NOT a huge fans of sneakers, but seriously, how gorgeous are these leopard printed ones...?! (photo from Style Scrapbook)

   3) Is that a dreamy shoe closet, or what...?!

   4) How amazing are these tartan pants, and how stunning is the whole outfit...? (photo from Style Scrapbook)

   5) ...A R M  C A N D Y... <3

   6) I don't really like pairing black with brown, but i have to admit, i am sooo loving this outfit right now!

   7) Getting the models ready for the show... (photo from Sincerely Jules)

So, thats all for this month's "inspirational pictures" post (you can check out the previous one HERE)! I hope you liked it and get inspired from it!
Till the next post,
take care everyone!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A/W 2013-14 Trend: Grunge

   Since fall is -almost- here, and cold-weather season is just around the corner, i thought it would be a great idea to start writing about the winter trends, so... Let's begin!
   Well, i am sure that a lot of you have already heard about the term "grunge", since it's one of the biggest trends for the autumn and winter of 2013-14, but, what exactly is grunge and when did it first start...?
   So, the term "grunge" was firstly used back in 1988 in order to describe Seattle's music, which was inspired by hardcore punk, heavy metal and indie rock. Also, Jean Paul Gaultier told Vogue in 1993 that "Grunge is nothing more that the way we dress when we have no money".
   So, achieving a grunge inspired look is all about plaid prints, oversized tops, loose/distressed/boyfriend jeans, studded leather, dr martens boots, and of course A LOT of clothing layers! The result should look edgy, strong and rebellious!
   Here are some key-pieces for adopting this trend:

You can get them here: 1234 and 5.

   If you wanna see how the models rocked the "grunge" trend on the runway, then get inspired from the pictures down below:

        Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent

        Versace, Saint Laurent

        Versace, Saint Laurent

*All pictures from

Thank you all so much for reading this post!
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Olivia Palermo At NYFW

   I am pretty sure that every fashionista's dream is to attend at least once NYFW, since the shows/the designers/the models/the people/the city, every single thing is just perfect! But, for those of us who haven't really got the chance to do so, -at least not yet-, we can still get inspired from the amazing new trends and of course, the street style!
   So, in this post i decided to write about some of my favorite outfits that Olivia Palermo, the absolute queen of street style, wore, while being in New York for fashion week.
   Let's begin...

   1)The Tweed Jacket

   A pair of black high waisted shorts, paired with a white jumper, create a safe yet chic result. The tweed jacket makes the outfit look polished and sophisticated, and the gold details really make the look pop!

   2)Mix And Match

   Let's face it... No one knows how to mix and match different prints like Olivia Palermo, and the proof to that, is this gorgeous outtfit. A black and white maxi skirt, a houndstooth printed shirt, a white handbag and a pair of black ankle strap heels, create a trendy and stylish outfit!

   3)White With Brown

   Total white outfits are great for summer time, but if you feel like you can't really rock the "white on white" trend, then just complete your look with some brown details, like Olivia.

   4)Denim On Denim

   This outfit is definitely my favorite one out of all, since it looks so effortless, but at the same time so polished and put together. When rocking the "denim on denim" trend, keep the rest of the outfit simple and neutral, just by adding some black and white details!

   5)Polka Dot It Up!

   The colours of this outfit may be plain and neutral, -black and white-, but the polka dot print and the orange detail on the clutch, make this look fresh and girly!

                                                 *All pictures are from
                                         Till the next post, take care everyone! ;)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The 'Backpack" Trend

   Since it's that time of the year again, when some of you have to go back to school, i thought it would be a great idea to write about the "backpack" trend that has been around for the past few months.
   A backpack is a great alternative to your everyday handbag, since you can still have your phone/wallet/keys/makeup etc with you, plus, it's good for you body, since it divides the weight evenly to both of your shoulders.
   But, if you feel like a backpack could only be worn at school, then those five ones down below will definitely gonna change your mind, since they are perfect for a day at the beach, a road trip etc. They really are on the pricey side, but doesn't it worth it...?

Here's where you can get them: 1234 and 5.

   Wanna see some different ways that you can style your backpack...? Get inspired from my favorite fashion blogger, Andy Torres, from Style Scrapbook.

Konstantina B.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The "Number Tee" Trend

   If someone would ask me to define my style, i would probably say it's casual-girly-chic-romantic etc, but definitely NOT sporty! Sweatpants and oversized hoodies is definitely not my thing, since i never really was the "let's-do-sports" or "let's-hit-the-gym" type of person, but, i have to admit that number tees have really grown on me the past few months, since i've seen so many bloggers, editors and fashionistas from all over the world, rocking the "number tee" trend!
   But, what about you...? Do you enjoy wearing number tees, and if you do how exactly do you prefer to style them...?


*All pictures form

     Happy September Everyone! <3

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