Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Olivia Palermo's Guide To Wearing Colours (Autumn/Winter Edition)

   Back at the beginning of August, i uploaded a post which was called: "Olivia Palermo's Guide To Wearing Colours (Spring/Summer Edition)" and since a lot of you seemed to like it -it is actually the most popular post on JustSmileWithStyle #yay), i thought it would be a truly great idea to write another one! But of course, this time the post is a guide for the fall/winter time.
   See, Olivia Palermo is the perfect example of a fashionista that is totally not afraid to experiment with different colours, prints and textures, even when the temperature is really-really-really low. #thatswhywealllovehersomuch So, enjoy her incredibly stylish outfits and don't forget to... colour your life! #winkwink


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