Friday, February 21, 2014

Ebay Haul

   So, i recently ordered some stuff from ebay and now that they have finally all arrived, i wanted to share them with all of you through this quick post!

1)The Beanies
   I haven't actually wore these beanies yet, but i am sure i will be wearing them a lot during the next winter!

2) The Tote
   I have literally been wearing this black tote every-single-day, since you can pretty much wear it with everything, plus, i can throw all my essentials in it, and i am ready for the day!

3) The Lion Necklace
   It's gold and it's chained, what else could i possibly ask for...?

4) The Choker Necklace
   I will be wearing this necklace A LOT this summer, that's for sure! I can totally picture myself wearing it with a plain white top, like this one!

5) The Gold Bracelet
   Yes, i am addicted to gold jewellery and no, i couldn't resist to it!

6) The Earcuff
   Is that a statement piece, or what...?! Oh, i just can't wait to wear it to my next night out!

    But, what about you? Do you like shopping from ebay? Have you bought anything recently? Let me know in the comments, down below!
                                                           Konstantina B.
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