Monday, May 26, 2014

What To Wear With A Denim Dress

   Since everything that is denim is considered as a wardrobe staple, such as a denim shirt/jacket/skirt/vest etc, then so is a denim dress, right? Denim dresses look really girly and fashionable, and they could be worn in so many different ways, since you can totally dress them up or dress them down.
   Personally, i find that brown is the colour that flatters the most, every single denim piece. So this is why i believe that the best way to wear a denim dress, is by pairing it with a pair of brown shoes, a brown handbag and some brown accessories. But, if you feel like this is too much brown in one outfit, then just wear brown with beige or brown with red. The result will look so chic and modern. Trust me!
   Also, if you need some other ideas on how you can style a denim dress, then just get inspired from the following pictures.

How would you style a denim dress? Tell me in the comments!
Konstantina B.
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