Wednesday, May 14, 2014

White Houses Inspiration

   I have never actually mentioned it on the blog before, but except from my love for everything that is fashion or beauty related, i also LOVE searching the web for interior design inspiration, and more specifically white houses inspiration.
   I really can not explain my absolute obsession for white houses, but the thing is that they are just so cool and different from all the regular ones, aren't they? I mean, they all look so dreamy and unique, just like the ones from the IKEA catalogues! #GoshiloveIKEAsomuch
   And yea, i know that these kind of houses really need a lot of cleaning (like A LOT), but they totally worth it, right?
   So, my dream house (or actually my future house) will be something like this: white walls, white furnitures, white rooms, a white kitchen, a white bathroom (with some blue details), and -of course- a walk-in closet! #daaah
   But enough with the rambling my sweet readers! Just enjoy all of the gorgeous pictures...


So, what does YOUR dream house look like?
Konstantina B.
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