Monday, June 2, 2014

Ombré Hair Inspiration

   June is officially here and i guess it's summer now, right? Well, not in Greece since the weather here is windy and kind of chilly. -sad face- Anyway, since a whole new month is ahead us, i thought instead of writing a "fashion/style inspirational pictures" post (like a usually do), i wanted to change things up a little, and write an "Ombré Hair Inspiration" post! 
   And even though i don't really write beauty related posts here on the blog, i actually work as a beauty and fashion editor, for an online greek magazine, so i obviously love everything that is fashion or beauty related!
   Now, let's talk about (blonde) ombré hair... Personally, i absolutely love them! They actually compliment every single girl, okey, almost every single girl, and when the actual hair is kind of long, ohhh, the result is just pure perfection! And even though we tend to go lighter only during the summer, i actually love having ombré hair during the winter time, as well. Actually, i am thinking of getting my hair dyed ombré by a professional anytime soon,  but who knows, maybe i' ll change my mind again...
   But, if you are thiking of getting your hair dyed ombré or if you just love ombré hair, then i highly recomment taking a look at the gorgeous inspirational pictures, down below...

What do YOU think of ombré hair?

Happy June, everyone!
Konstantina B.
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