Monday, June 9, 2014

DIY Rope Necklace

   I have never actually written a "DIY project" post before, so -drum roll- this will be my very first one! #yay #special_post #super_excited
   So, i chose to make this beautiful rope necklace which is absolutely perfect for the summer time. Its neon pink colour will compliment any white/black and white/grey etc top or shirt, and will make any outfit look extra cute and girly!

   But enough with all the rambling, let's just get this party-ooops i meant this diy project- started!
   Here's what you 'll need:
  • 1m (or 3feet and 3 ⅜ inches) accessory cord
  • Glue
  • Chain (i used one from an old necklace)
  • 2 cord end caps
  • 2 jump rings
  • 1 loabster clasp
  • Pliers (i forgot to put them in the picture) 

Start by tying one regular knot at the very centre of your cord. Then, tie another one, and another one, and another one, and another one... I ended up making 7 knots, but if you want you can totally make less or even more.

Then, glue the one cord end cap at the end of your cord.

After that, with the help of your pliers, connect your cord end cap with your chain.

Lastly, glue the other cord end cap at the other end of your cord, and connect your jump rings with your lobster clasp, and your lobster clasp with your second cord end cap. And... you are done! The final result will look something like this!

Pretty quick and easy, right? #piece_of_cake

P.S. Thanks to my lovely sister for helping me out with this project!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on my first diy project!
Konstantina B.
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