Saturday, March 15, 2014

New in: Leopard Loafers

   It's actually been about a month or so since i actually bought these babies, but i just had to share them with you. (better late that never, huh?) 
   So, i had an obsession for ballet flats and loafers for the longest that i can remember, and this pair was definitely the perfect addition to my flat shoes colection. I mean, they are leopard printed, they are super comfortable, plus, they were on sale! So, i obviously had to get them. 
   Now, i just have to wait for the weather to get just a little bit warmer, in order to actually wear them.

Leopard Loafers: PULL & BEAR 

Also, if you own a pair of leopard printed shoes and you don't really know how to style them, then you should check out my article over here.
Lastly, don't forget to tell me what was YOUR latest shoe purchase, in the commect section down below!
Konstantina B.
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