Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Military Outfit By Balmain

   Even though i am mostly attracted by girly and romantic looks, i have to admit that this military/edgy outfit by Balmain is just pure awesomeness! 
   I mean, Oh My Goodness... From the very first time i actually saw this look -which was a super duper long time ago, since this outfit is from Balmain's 2010-2011 winter collection- i was completely blown away. The red leather pants, the gold details, the military jeacket... 
   Oh, my! Can we just please take a moment to talk about this absolutely perfect jacket? The gorgeous design, the edgy buttons, the structured shoulders, the different textures... It's just such a unique and statement piece, that i would -literally- die for! 
   But, actually, i would also die for this jacket. Well, I think i might have an obsession with Balmain's military jackets... But let's be real people... Who doesn't?!

That's all for today's post! Thanks a lot for reading and 'till the next one, take care everyone!
Konstantina B.
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