Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New in: Zara Pants

   At the beginning of every new year, pretty much all of us make some new year's resolutions, right? We promise ourselves to workout more, to eat healthier, to study harder... etc.
   But for this year, along with my life-related-resolutions, i also made some style resolutions! -weird huh- And why i made them? Well, just in order to convince myself to take 'fashion risks' and to just try to get out of my comfort zone and wear things that i actually never wore before.
   So, one of these style resolutions was to experiment a little bit more with different prints, and specifically, to own (and wear) more printed pants.
   See, i actually am that type of girl who -literally- lives in a pair of jeans. Dark washed jeans/light washed jeans/skinny jeans/boyfriend jeans, you name it, i love it! And there is totally nothing wrong with that, but since i wanted to try something slightly different, i purchased these two pairs from Zara, a couple of months ago.
   The navy blue pair, i've worn a billion times, but the pink one, not yet actually. So, i am totally looking forward to that! #yayforprintedpants

But, what about you? Have you ever made any style resolutions?
Konstantina B.
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