Monday, March 3, 2014

Inspirational Pictures (5)

   Well, March is officially here and i just can NOT wait for spiring to come! I am totally looking forward to warmer and sunnier days, plus, i am -literally- dying to wear all of the new blazers that i recently purchased.
   So, let's welcome this brand new month with some really cool inspirational pictures!
   Enjoy, everyone!

I just can't decide what's the best thing about this picture... The Times Square backround? The black tutu skirt? Or is it the whole princess-y vibe of this photo?

  Because, who doesn't love black ankle boots...?!

Mixing leopard with plaid...? Yes, please!

It's always those little details that make a huge diffrence, isn't it?

Who knew that a sporty cap, a fur coat and a pair of black louboutins, whould look sooo good together?

Olivia looks stunning all the time, doesn't she?

   Yep, i am pretty sure we all just LOVE oxford shoes!

A black leather vest and a cropped flannel shirt make such an awesome combination, right?

Yes, Olivia Palermo is definitely the queen when it comes to mixing and matching!

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Till the next post, take care everyone!
Konstantina B.
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