Thursday, October 31, 2013

Inspirational Pictures (3)

   So, October is -almost- over, and that means that it's time for a brand new "inspirational pictures" post! Photos that inspired me and made me fall in love with fashion even more, are all -okey, maybe not all of them, but at least some of them-, gathered in this post. 
   All YOU got to do is to just take a look, and get inspired!

 Here's a fresh and chic outfit for fall! If you own a dark orange-ish blazer, then you can totally recreate it...!

   I seriously can not decide, which one is better... The oversized scarf or the boyfriend blazer...?!

   Mix black and white with grey and denim, and there you have it...! A simple, yet so stylish looking outfit...!

   Don't know what colours are fall-appropriate...? Just go for brown and grey and you 'll definitely fall in love with the result!

                                                  Hats during the winter...? YES PLEASE...!

It's always those little details that make a HUGE difference! Isn't it...? 

HOW stunning is this floral printed blazer...?! I think i am in love...

   Looking for a new and creative way to style your favorite plaid shirt...? Instead of tying it around your waist, just tie it around your bag's strap! Pretty cool, huh...?

   I really hope you all enjoyed reading today's post! You can check out my previous "Inspirational Pictures" posts here and here! Don't forget to follow "Just Smile With Style" on bloglovin, and of course to take care...!
                                                            Konstantina B.

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