Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Style Hats In The Winter

   Every time i think of summer's accessories, the first two things that come to my mind are sunglasses and hats. Hats are super necessary for the summer time, since they protect your hair and skin from the sun.
   But, who said that you can't rock a hat during the winter...? Well, you surely can, since they will keep you warm and cozy, plus, they will add an extra "something" to your outfit! If you don't own a winter hat, then i suggest buying a fedora, a beanie or even a baseball cap! As for colours, you can go for black, burgundy, navy blue, grey, or you can totally try something slightly different, like hot pink or even bright orange! Lastly, a hat will look great with a casual and everyday look, but with a formal one, as well!
   After doing an online research, here are the ones i liked the most:

Here's where you can get them: 12345 and 6.

   If you need inspiration on how to style hats in the winter, then take a look at the pictures down below:

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Till the next post, take care everyone!

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