Sunday, October 6, 2013

How To Wear Your Summer Clothes In The Fall

   So, summer is officially a part of the past now, and it's that time of the year again where you have to put away all of your summer clothes and bring out the winter ones. Or NOT...?! 
   Well, the truth is that a lot of your summer basics could totally be worn during the fall, as well! It's a creative, practical and budget-friendly procedure (especially for students -like me-). Pretty cool, huh...?
   So, here are some tips and tricks for bringing your summer wardrobe into the fall!

1) The Denim Shorts
   During the summer we wore them with everything: a plain top and a pair of flats/ a formal shirt and a pair of gorgeous ankle strap heels etc. But, during the fall the first thing you wanna do is put on a pair of black (opaque) tights, then choose your favorite cropped sweater from your closet, and at last, finish your stylish outfit with a pair of oxfords or ankle booties. So easy, so chic!

                                    Sincerely Jules

2) The Floral Pants
   Floral print is a must for the summer time, but who said that your can't rock your beloved floral pants when the temperature drops..? The key is to just keep it simple, by adding some black and white touches to your outfit. So, floral pants during the fall...? YES please...!

                                                                                                               Style Scrapbook

3)The Maxi Skirt
   The piece that almost every fashionista rocks during the summer time: the maxi skirt. It's girly, chic and playful! If you wanna wear your favorite maxi skirt in the fall, all you need are some wardrobe essentials: a denim shirt, a (faux) leather jacket and a pair of ankle booties. The result looks edgy, yet super feminine!

4) The Coloured Pants
   Coloured pants are a great alternative to your everyday blue jeans, and you can totally wear them in the fall, as well. If you own a pair of hot pink denim pants, pair them with a grey -oversized- coat (a zebra-printed/striped one will work too), add a white blouse, and finish your look with a pair of lace up ankle boots, for a fresh and chic result!

Dulce Candy                                                            Style Scrapbook

I hope you all enjoyed today's post! 
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