Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How To Style: Military Jeans

   It is no lie that it's been a while since the last time i wrote a "How to wear..." post, so today i am gonna write about the 3+1 different and unique ways that "you can style your military jeans!" 
   A pair of military jeans can be considered, -just by itself-, as a strong and edgy piece, but with the right styling you can totally make it look girly, chic and elegant! So, without futher ado, let's just begin...!

1) Back To Basics
   I've said this before, but i just HAVE to say it again: every single girl should have at least one denim shirt in her closet. It is an absolute basic piece, plus, it will always be your life-saver when you are going through an "i-don't-know-how-to-style-these-bottoms" situation!
   So, you can definitely pair your military jeans with your denim shirt, while keeping the rest of your outfit simple and neutral (black handbag, black shoes). Plus, you can totally take this look to the next level, just by adding a fun and bright necklace!

2)Olive Green And Grey
   Olive green and grey are two amazing colours for the winter time, plus, they look gorgeous together! So, don't be afraid to wear your military jeans with your grey sweater, and achieve a safe, yet chic result.
   EXTRA TIP: If you don't own a grey sweater, feel free to wear a black and white one, instead!

3)The Earthy Combination
   At last but not least, olive green can also be paired with brown, in order to create a sweet and earthy combo. So, wear your military bottoms with your favorite brown coloured handbag and, -once again-, keep the rest of your look simple and neutral (black top, black shoes).

4)The Khaki Pants
   Finally, if you can't rock the military jeans, i suggest giving the khaki pants a try! But now, instead of pairing them with a denim shirt of a grey/brown coloured top, go ahead and pair them with a camouflage top, and achieve a totally unique and fashionable outfit!

   So, that's all for today's post! I really hope you enjoyed it and find it helpful! Also, don't forget to check out my " How To Style: Red Denim Pants" post here.
                                                      Happy October Everyone!
                                                               Konstantina B.

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