Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Fall Outfits From Olivia Palermo

   I know i 've mentioned it probably about a million - or even a billion - times on my blog, but, i am a huge-huge-huge fan of Olivia Palermo. I mean, she has an incredible style, she always looks chic and polished, plus, she is one of those women that can pull off anything. ANYTHING!
   So, today i am gonna write about 5 of my favorite fall outfits, that Olivia has worn in the past, and that can look amazing on everyone. If YOU wanna get some outfit ideas for the fall, then just get inspired from the one and only: Olivia Palermo!

1)The Military Jacket
   If you are trying to find a casual, yet chic way to style your military jacket, then pair it with a plain white top and a pair of your favorite denim pants. As for shoes, go for a pair of nude flats, and finish everything with an oversized white tote.
   This outfit is perfect for running errands around the city or just a coffee break with your girlfriends!

2)The Red Details
   If you believe that a total black outfit is too much for daytime, try adding a little bit of red to your look, in order to achieve a cool and slightly edgy result. Also, instead of wearing your ordinary black leather jacket, go for a fur vest, that will keep you extra warm and extra cozy!

3)The "Sporty" One
   I am absolutely not a big fan of sneakers, but i am definitely in love with this outfit! I 've never thought that navy blue, olive green and brown, could look so good together, but somehow Olivia Palermo makes it work!

4)The Striped Sweater
   A striped sweater, a fur vest, a pair of  leather pants, and your favorite ankle booties, create a look that is perfect for meetings, dates or just for going shopping!

5)The Simple One
   In my "What To Wear When You Don't Know What To Wear" post, i 've said that the "black-white-denim" combination, will be your life-saver every time you are having a hard time picking an outfit. It might be a simple combo, but that doesn't make the outfit any less stylish or fashionable! 

*All pictures from The Olivia Palermo Lookbook.

Thanks a lot for reading this post! Take care and of course don't forget to Just Smile With Style!
Happy November Everyone!
Konstantina B.

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