Saturday, April 18, 2015

How To Style Oxford Shoes

   When it comes to flat shoes, oxfords just have to be my favorite ones! They are truly classy and really polished, plus, they add a really cool androgynous vibe to every look that they are paired with. Honestly, they are absolutely gorgeous! And on top of all of that, they can be worn throughout the entire year! With flowy skirts and dresses in the spring, with cute pairs of shorts in the summer, with classy cardigans and polished blazers in the autumn, and lastly, with warm and heavy coats in the winter. I mean, really, how cool and awesome can these shoes be? Gosh, i am obsessed! #loovethem
   But, if you believe that this type of shoes, is just too masculine for you, then i have two helpful tips for you:
   1) Don't go for a pair of black or brown oxfords, since those are the colours that men mostly wear.  Instead, opt for a fun and bright colour, like pink for example. Also, you can totally pick something that's even more cute and feminine, like a pair of leopard printed ones. Cool, huh?

   2) Style them correctly. Don't wear them with men's-inspired black or navy blue suits, but with pieces that only women can wear, like skirts and dressses. That way, you won't end up looking too masculine!

   So, if you need some ideas on how you can style your own pair of oxfords, then just take a look at the following  pictures!

Till the next post, take care everyone!

Konstantina B.

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