Sunday, April 19, 2015

Embrace The '70s

   I am pretty sure that by now, you already know that for the Spring and Summer of 2015, the '70s are definitely the no1 trend! But, if you don't really know how to create the perfect '70s-inspired-look, then consider the outfit from the picture above, your ultimate cheat sheet. #inspooverload
   See, the '70s is a decade that is all about oversized round sunglasses, cool fringed pieces, suede details, chunky heel shoes, and of course, round handbags! I mean, does it get any better (and cooler) than this? Yea, i didn't think so either! ;)

So, are you gonna give the '70s trend a try this spring/summer?
I know i am!

Konstantina B.

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