Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweatpants: Hot Or Not?

   If we know each other personally, then you probably already know this for me: i can not stand sweatpants. I mean, i really do hate them. Gosh, i hate them! In fact, i hate every-single-piece that has a sporty vibe to it: yoga pants, sneakers, hoodies... and the list goes on.
   And now you are probably wondering: "Why? Why do you hate them so much?". Well, i don't really know actually. I mean, yea, i used to wear sweatpants when i was still going to school, you know, only because i had to -for the physical education class-, but ever since i graduated from high school, two years ago, i have never ever worn them. Is it because they remind me of my much-hated-school-years, which i am trully trying to forget? Or is it something else? Hmmm...
   Also, i actually believe that there's no such thing as "sporty-chic". You can either be sporty or chic. So, my advice is to choose carefully. Please do. And if i can not convince you that sweatpants are a sign that a girl doesn't really care about her style and her overall appearance, then here's an amazing quote by Karl Lagerfeld:

That is correct. I 100% agree with him!
   But, since i try to be open-minded and since there are always two sides on every story, plus, i really don't want everyone to start hating on me because of my current beliefs, i 'd like to share this thought with you: for the last 5 years that i have fallen completely in love with fashion and the fashion industry in general, i have always been trying to find an outfit that would include a pair of sweatpants and that i would actually like. I mean, i've seen a ton of bloggers, celebrities, editors etc wearing sweatpants, but none of their outfits really caught my attention or ever made me change my mind about sweatpants.
   Until, of course, i came across this surprisingly cute outfit on Polyvore. This is actually the only look i would wear, if i had to wear sweatpants. And the weird thing is that i truly don't know why i actually like it... Is it the Céline top, the 3.1 Phillip Lim tote, or the statement sunglasses? Who knows?! The thing, though, is that i actually managed to find a sweatpants-included outfit that i would actually wear! So... score! #winning

Picture from here.

So, now i would like to hear YOUR thoughts on sweatpants and sporty clothes in general!
Tell me in the comments, i am curious!

Konstantina B.

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