Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Double Denim

   I don't know about you, but my all-time-favorite trend, just has to be the "denim on denim" one! I have actually worn this trend so many times, that i now see double denim as a classic combination, and not just as a trend that will come and go in no time. 
  And the main reason why i love this combo so much, is basically because it works as a neutral canvas, on which you can add 1) some colourful pieces in order to create fun and playful looks, or 2) some basic and staple pieces in order to create timeless and classic outfits, just like the one above. Plus, it only takes your favorite pair of (skinny) jeans and a cool denim shirt, to give this amazing trend a try! #awesomeness #pureawesomeness

So, what are your thoughts on double denim? YAY or NAY?
 Tell me in the comments!

Konstantina B.

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