Thursday, April 24, 2014

5 Spring Outfits From Olivia Palermo

   My "5 Fall Outfits From Olivia Palermo" post that i wrote about 6 months ago, is actually the second most popular post of this blog and since a lot of you seemed to like it, i thought i 'd write another one, only this time the post wil be about spring outfits!
   So, once again, get inspired from the absolute queen of street style, Olivia Palermo.

    1) Mix n Match
   Olivia is known for her amazing mix and match skills, and this outfit really seems to prove that. So, pair a striped top along with a striped jacket, then add a red handbag, wear your favorite pair of skinny jeans, and finish your look with some black oxfords. Oh, and don't forget your oversized sunnies! 
   This outfit is perfect for running errands in the city, going shopping of even for a casual date.

   2) Girly And Romantic
   Flowy dresses are a huge essential for spring time, so i definitely suggest having -at least- one in your closet. Pair it with a pair of super comfortable flats, and as for accessories, feel free to wear a cool belt, in order to accentuate your waist line.
   Also, if this outfit is too summery for where you live, you can always add a denim jacket.
   This outfit is perfect for all the girly girls out there! #includingmyself

   3) Matchy - Matchy
   Whoever said that mathy-matchy looks are boring, clearly never saw this amazing outfit! An orang-ish peplum top along with a pair of high-waisted orang-ish trousers, create a really sophisticated and professional look. The over-the-shoulders worn blazer makes the outfit look effortless, while the thin leopard belt adds an unexpected pop of print to the whole look. The ankle strap heels complete this outfit in such a modern and feminine way!

   4) The Salmon Pants
   Coloured pants are always really hot during the spring (and summer) time, so why not invest in a pair of salmon ones?
   Pair them with a plain white top and an oversized black and white blazer. Complete your chic outfit with a pair of really-sexy-looking ankle strap heels, and... you are ready to go!
   This look is classy, feminine and just... awesome!

   5) The White Shirt
   Re-create the base of this outfit by paing two of the most basic pieces of all time,-a white shirt and a pair of distressed skinny jeans-, together. Then, add some colour to your look with your bag and shoes (brown - red) and... there you have it. A plain-but-not-so-plain outfit, that looks really fresh and effortless!
   Again, if this look is too summery for you, just add a white blazer/jacket.

So, which outfit is your favorite? Tell me in the comments section, down below!
Konstantina B.
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