Thursday, July 18, 2013

The "Dungarees" Trend

   Dungarees, that are also known as overalls, were originally used as a protective garment for men that worked as engineers, farmers, mechanics etc. Women wore overalls for the first time back in 1916 while working in factories. And now, in 2013, they seem to be very trendy, since so many fashionistas all around the world have already tried the "dungarees" trend for the summer time!
   Styling dungarees can sometimes be a little bit tricky, since they cover up almost our whole body, so i suggest going for a plain crop top in order to reveal a  little bit of  skin. As for shoes, i think flats -oxfords or loafers- would look really cute. At last, a stylish satchel would definitely make the whole outfit much more stylish! 
   If you are having trouble trying to find what to wear with your dungarees, just take a look at the following pictures and get inspired by my favorite fashion bloggers! ;)

                                                          Sincerely Jules

                                                Till the next post, take care! <3

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