Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Summer Wardrobe Essentials

   Summer is definitely my favorite season of all, since i get to enjoy the hot weather, plus, i get to dress myself  lightly, without the heavy -wintery- clothing layers! (...thank God for summer!...)
   So, in this post i decided to write about the 5 Summer Wardrobe Essentials , that every girl should have in her closet!
   Let's begin...

1)A Plain White Top 
    It is an absolute basic piece, since you can wear it with any bottoms you like (a skirt, a pair of shorts/pants etc.), and of course you can glam it up a little bit, just by adding a colourful statement necklace!

2)A Pair Of Denim Shorts 
     Every single girl should have a pair of denim shorts in her closet. It can be a pair of high-waisted denim shorts/bleached denim shorts/studded denim shorts, EVERYTHING will work!


3) A Maxi Skirt 
       A maxi skirt is a must-have piece for the summer time, since it's feminine, elegant and super stylish! Go for a basic one, such as a white/black or beige one, OR if you want you can experiment with different colours! (mint, yellow etc.)

4)A Little White Dress (LWD) 
        A  LWD can be worn in -almost- a billion diffrent ways, since with the right styling it can take you, from morning meetings at the office, to late-at-night cocktails with the girls! Pure awesomeness, right...?

5) A Pair Of -preferably oversized- Black Sunglasses 
      They are super stylish, they hide our sleepy eyes, plus, they protect us from the sun! Need to say more,ladies...?


So, that's all...! I really hope you enjoyed reading this post...! ;)

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