Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fall Neutrals

   Since most of us tend to only wear colours like grey, navy blue and black during the fall (and winter), for today's post i wanted to share with all of you a really cute outfit that's all about neutrals, and that can be worn by anyone during the chilly days of fall. Also, this is a look that is super easy to recreate since you probably already have these pieces in your closet.
   So, a denim shirt paired with some skinny jeans, a pair of brown ankle booties, a classic and sophisticated trench coat, a cool crossbody bag, and lastly, a beige hat that completes this outfit in a really elegant and modern way. (Obviously, if you live in an area that tends to get extra cold during the fall, then feel free to add a warm white/brown/pink etc sweater over that denim shirt! #layerupgirl!)
   An on-the-go but truly fashionable look, right?

Konstantina B.

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