Saturday, August 22, 2015

20 Random Facts About Me!

   Today it is the 22nd of August, which can only mean one thing: it's my birthday! #yay And since i am turning 20 years old, i thought that it would be a great idea to post something special, something that is a lot more personal than all of my previous posts. 
   Now, if you like spending all of your time watching all types of vloggers on YouTube (like me #twining), then you are definitely familiar with the "50 Random Facts About Me" video. And since i am turning 20 (and not 50 -thank God for that) today, i thought that it would be really fun to just change things up a little bit, and write a "20 Random Facts About Me" post!
   Sooo, i truly hope you enjoy it, and please, leave me a comment down below, if you want me to write more personal posts, like this one. After all, i want this blog to reflect me, my true self, who i really am, you know...?
   But enough with this suuuper long introduction, let's just begin, shall we?

Dress: H&M 

   1) I am a mother of a four-legged child! His name is Mast (which is short for Master), he is a white pekingese, he is 5 years old, and he is the cuuutest dog ever! #ilovemybaby

   2) I am SUCH a perfectionist. Like, really, i want everything to be symmetric and in the right place! Now, i am not saying that i have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). All i am saying is that i just have some weird habits/obsessions! #weirdo #righthere But still, even though i am obsessed with symmetry and things being in the right place, my room is always a mess! Like, how is that even possible?!


   3) If i could wear only one outfit for the rest of my life, then that would be a midi (preferably a pencil) dress or skirt, and  a pair of suede or (faux) leather pumps. Oh my, that would be such a killer combo!

   4) I have always, like ALWAYS, wanted to go blonde! I have had my hair dyed ombré in the past, but that turned out to be a bit of a fail... Right now i am thinking of getting a balayage, but i am probably going to change my mind before actually getting it. I mean, that's what always happens... lol

   5) My #ManCrushMonday(s) all always about Jon Kortajarena (God, i love him! #hottestmanalive) and Josh Holloway, while my #WomanCrushWednesday(s) are always about Olivia Palermo (aka the most gorgeous woman on earth right now!) and Elizabeth Berkley. I mean, seriously, these four (4) people are just PERFECT. #obsessed

   6) I can actually speak four (4) languages: Greek, English, French, and... sarcasm! #buahahahaha

   7) My top places on my travel bucket list, are: a) New York City #daaah, b) Santorini, Greece, and c) Warsaw, Poland. #gotodestinations #iwannagotheresobad

   8) I have always been completely in love with the idea of being in love, but i have never actually been in love! It's kind of weird, isn't it...? Hmmm...

   9) I would though LOVE to get married young! Getting married before the age of 25 sounds pretty awesome to me actually! 
   Wait a minute... Does that mean i only have 5 years to do so...? Oh sh*t! I am pretty sure that ain't gonna happen! Well, scratch the whole i-wanna-get-married-before-the-age-of-25-thing i just said! Getting married at the age of 30? Sounds PERFECT to me! lol

   10) I actually have a weird obsession with planners/agendas and post-it notes! Like, isn't it extremely cool when the main character of a movie opens up her planner/agenda and goes like: "All right... What do i have to do today? I have to do this... Do that... Okay... Do that other thing..." I mean, how cool is that, right?! I wanna be that kind of woman so bad! #goals

   11)  If i could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, then that would definitely be donuts! I just LOVE donuts! Honestly, donuts are #bae! Okay, you are right, waffles are #bae too! #donutsandwafflesforlife

   12) I am definitely that type of person that overthinks and overanalyzes everything, like everything! It is SUCH a bad habit though...

   13) My favorite piece of clothing just HAS to be blazers! I really-really-really love them! I have one in (almost) every possible colour and pattern. As for accessories, i am absolutely obsessed with hats and suede/(faux) leather pumps!

  14) I 100% believe that God is the only true source of happyness. See, people will leave you and let you down, but God never will. God will always be there for you no matter the circumstances. Wanna be happy? Make God the centre of your life and the centre of all of your relationships, and you will never (ever) regret it!

   15) I am a little too obsessed with white houses! I mean, as i mentioned it my "White Houses Inspiration" post, my future house will have white walls, white doors, white bedrooms, white floors, a white kitchen, a white bathroom (with some light blue details)... and the list goes on. Oh, i also love IKEA! Honestly, every-single-time i enter an IKEA store, i feel like a kid in an candy store! #iwantotbuyeverything #likeabsolutelyeverything

   16)  I truly believe that "a day without laughter is a day wasted". I actually try to smile as much as i can everyday, and i definitely encourage you to do the same! #youaretooblessedtobestressed #letgoandbehappy Plus, you might make someone's day! You never know! #JustSmileWIthStyle

   17) I can do a lot of things, but becoming a mother is definitely NOT one of them! Honestly, i would be an absolute terrible mother! So, no babies for me...

   18) I find that driving fast down a straight road with the windows rolled down, while listening to awesome music, is definitely one of the best things in life! It is one of those #lifeisgood kind of moments, you know?

   19) The weather affects my mood sooo bad. Like, the very first second the sun comes up, i am a whole different person! #gottalovethesunnydays

   20) Honestly, i was pretty nervous about turning 20 today. I was like: "Does that mean i am no longer a teen?!", "Does that mean i am all grown up now?!" , "Does that mean i need to figure everything out and actually get my sh*t together?!"

   But now, after writing this post, i am actually not freaking out about it anymore! And it's true, a lot of things are gonna happen and a lot of things are going to change in the next 10 years. But, i have a feeling that many great things are on their way, so i might as well enjoy the fact that i am 20 now, right? It's not like it's the end of the world, it's just the beginning! Well, with all of that being said, cheers to being 20! #yaaaaaaaaaas

Konstantina B.
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