Saturday, June 20, 2015

On The Way To The Red Carpet

   Even though i have never been to a red carpet event, they actually seem to be pretty awesome. The girls are all dressed up in stunning gowns, while having their hair and makeup on fleek, and the boys are all in gorgeous suits, looking really elegant and truly handsome. 
   And what i find to be even more awesome that the actual event, is the whole getting ready procedure. You have a ton of people around you, that have to make sure that your skin/makeup/hair/dress/shoes/accessories etc are on point, and all YOU got to do is sit back and relax. I mean, oh my, does it actually get any better than this? #iamallaboutthatlife #lol
   And then, when you are finally ready to go, you get into your vehicle of transportation -most of the times a limo- and then you arrive at the event, you are being photographed, you have fun etc. It's pretty cool, right?
   So, for today's post i wanted to share with all of you some pretty stunning pictures of celebrities, that are on their way to the red carpet. Enjoy, my loves! (All of the pictures are from here.)

   If i had to go to a red carpet event, then i would probably wear one of the dresses below. They look so clean and minimal! I love them all!

   So, if YOU were invited to a red carpet event, what kind of dress whould you choose to wear?
 Let me know in the comment section down below! 

Konstantina B.

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