Monday, February 9, 2015

Androgynous Vibes

  From the very first moment that i found this gorgeous picture online, i knew i had to write a post about it! See, i don't really know why i like it so much, but i just find it so cool and inspiring! The weird thing though, is that this outfit doesn't actually look like something i would personally approve, like and wear. But, i would totally like to give this look a try, as long as i made a few changes, of course! #daaah
   For example, i would have worn a completely fitted and tailored suit, in order to achieve a more polished and put-together outfit. Moving on, i would have worn different kind of shoes, probably a pair of clean and sophisticated oxfords, so that i can still have that adrogynous vibe going on. Lastly, i would have replaced those oversized sunglasses, with a pair that's more minimal and elegant.
   Anyway, the bottom line is that i really find this picture cool and inspiring, and i truly hope you do, too!

P.S. I decided to blog every single day for the rest of this week, so don't forget to come back on the blog every day,  in order to check out all of the new posts! ;)

Konstantina B.

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