Sunday, January 18, 2015

Colour Your Life

   If you wanna make every winter outfit of yours, look unique and fashionable without a lot of effort, then investing in a coloured coat, is definitely the way to go!
   See, a warm coat in an interesting and eye-catching colour, will add that extra "something" to your winter ensembles, making them look super chic and modern, in no time!
   So, if your style is kind of basic and preppy, then i suggest pairing it with some timeless black and white pieces, in order to achieve a clean and soshisticated result. But, if "less is more" isn't really your thing, then don't hesitate to wear it with some other coloured (or even printed) pieces, in order to create some really interesting and totally modern combinations!
   Passionate red, royal blue, bright yellow, soft pink, mysterious orange, dark green, cool mustard, baby blue..., pick one (or two), and... colour your life! Happy shopping, ladies! #wink #wink

That's all for today's post, my loves! Till the next one, take care!

P.S. Excuse the lack of posts lately, but i was actually feeling kind of uninspired these days! #life #ithappenstoeveryone

Konstantina B.

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