Monday, January 20, 2014

What To Wear With A Fur Coat

   It is definitely a staple piece for the winter time, plus, it's probably the chic-est outerwear for the super cold days. A fur coat is perfect for day and night time and it will keep you extra warm and cozy even at the lowest temperatures.
   You can wear it with pretty much everything, from jeans and leather pants to little black dresses and formal skirts! But, if you don't own a fur coat then i would definitely suggest purchasing either a black or grey one or if you really wanna step out of your comfort zone and try out something different, then feel free to buy a white one, a soft pink one or even a colourful one! (Wouldn't that look super cool...?!)
  So, here are some really cute ways that you can style your fur coat (photos via stylescrapbookstockholmstreetstylethe blonde saladsong of style and kayture).

Konstantina B.

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