Saturday, December 7, 2013

How To Style A Leopard Coat

   The truth is that i am a huge fan of -almost- every single print there is out there. Leopard print/floral print/zebra print..., you name it, i love it. So, if i had to pick the one that i love the most, i would probably say leopard print or floral print...or leopard or floral. See...? I can't even decide, since i pretty much love both equally!
   But, today's post is all about the good old leopard print, and more specifically i am gonna write about four cool ways that you can style a leopard printed coat.

1)Black And White
   Every time you don't know how to style a colorful piece -in this case a leopard coat-, just "play it safe" by pairing it with some simple and neutral colours, like black and white. This outfit could be recreated by everyone, since all you basically need are some basic pieces, like a white swetaer, a pair of black skinny jeans, a black handbag, a pair of black ankle booties, and -of course- a leopard coat. Super cool, huh...?!

2)The Red Details
   I have to admit that i absolutely love/love/love the leopard-red combination. It is kind of unexpected but at the same time so chic and elegant! So, feel free to pair your leopard printed coat with some red/orang-ish pieces, and don't forget to keep the rest of your look simple and neutral. (white top-black bottoms)

3)Leopard And Leopard
   I never thought that wearing leopard with leopard would look so awesome, until i came across this amazing picture. Breaking the <<One animal print at the time>> "rule", this outfit is chic, elegant and -above all- really unique!

4)"Total" Black
   Leopard print looks absolutely amazing when paired with black, so why don't you wear your beloved leopard coat with a black top/ black jeans/ a black handbag and a pair of black heels...? Also, if you feel like the result is too black for you, then just wear white shoes instead!

Thanks a lot for reading everyone! Also, sorry for the lack of posts lately, but i 've been crazy-busy this week!
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Konstantina B.

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